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2021 Ride

🍓 Scott Logan
🎤 Hi Pasq Good Luck with your Quest. Scott
🍓 Carole & David Thyret
🍇 🍓 Donato Caccavella
🍓 Angelo Capobianco
🎤 In loving memory of my beloved cousin Paul Joseph . TOGETHER WE CAN ALL CONQUER CANCER!
🍓 Angie and Joe De Francesco
🍓 Fausto Giannini
🎤 Your dedication is inspiring. Ride on Uncle Pat!!
🚘 Gulshan & Pyarali G. Nanji Family Foundation
🍓 Audrey Maloney
🍓 Anonymous
🎤 Hello Pasqu, Keep the good support. I hope retirement is good to you.
🍓 Doug Podzilni
🍓 Tony Capobianco
🍓 Irene Wood
🎤 Sending your family love &hugs. Irene
🍓 Joseph Buckley
🍓 Lucy Papaloni
🍓 John Hrycko
🍓 Grace Pickard
🍓 Ray Battiston
🍓 Lina Sabatino
🎤 Stay safe, stay strong!
🍓 Christine Zita
🎤 Best of luck on your ride Pat! It is for such a good and needed cause. Cancer has touched all our lives. You must have legs of steel!?????????
🍓 Liz Whyte-Visschedyk
🎤 Thank you for all you do for this cause, Pasq! All our best on your journey and may the wind be always at your back!
🍓 Sobia Tabassum
🍓 Ruth Farrugia
🎤 Thank you, Mr. Zita, for doing this. I went to high school with Paul and remember him with great fondness. I hope you reach your goal!
🍓 Freda Ariella Muscovitch
🎤 Thank you for educating me Re gastric Adenocarcinoma. Your championing the research in Paul’s memory is inspiring Pat.
🍓 Linsey Keelan
🎤 You are amazing and a force of determination, so admirable, ride like the wind buddy!
🍓 Kim Bertrand
🎤 Go Pasq Go!
🍓 Erika Ferg
🎤 Hi Pasq. I'm sorry for the loss of your son. He would be proud of what you are doing to help others. Erika Ferg
🍓 Ruth McArroll
🍓 Donna Hinton
🎤 Hope you are doing well. So glad to know you are still participating in this!
2020 Donor Recognition ...

In Memory
Paul Zita


March 4, 1973 - November 8, 2014

A short poem

Run Time: 1 minutes 54 seconds

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